Dingo Doge

Your one stop Doge shop

Hey there fellow Shibes!

If you're after some Doge, you've come to the right place. Unfortunately, this offer only extends to those with Australian Bank Accounts, so welcome DingoShibes!

Current Price

As of 03:00:06 23/04/18 AEST, the price of Doge is at 7.465 AUD/kDoge (AUD per thousand Doge). This updates every 15 minutes, and the price will be at the current rate from when you click submit.

How it works!

Step 1
Fill out the form to the right and submit it
Step 2
I will respond to that email confirming it. (Usually within the hour, but I am only human)
Step 3
I send the doge when I confirm the transfer has gone through.

Why buy from me?

On reddit's /r/DogeMarket, I have conducted over 175 successful transactions totalling over 14.5 million Doge in volume. I'm also a mod on /r/DogeMarket as well as the creator of several applications for /r/DogeMarket including a Chrome Extension and a Verification Thread finder.

Any further questions?

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me via an email to {dingodoge at gusgold dot com} or you can send me a message on reddit.